Diversify in Three of the Fastest Growing Markets


  • "Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble."

    Warren Buffett

Ridgebrook Capital Partners

  • Allows qualified institutions and individual investors to participate in a diversified
  • Professionally managed portfolio with the primary objective of providing above-average returns and capital preservation. This fund has selectively chosen investments in income-producing assets in the residential sector and healthcare sector.

The combination of real estate and healthcare provides a unique opportunity for well-positioned companies like Ridgebrook.

Senior housing is the fastest growing opportunity in the national housing market of which the residential assisted living niche’ provides the highest level of personal care for seniors.

Little Known Investment Sector

According to Pew Research, the need for quality senior housing is yielding investors returns of more than 14% compounded annually, whereas similar multi-use options only deliver around 8%.

As the Baby Boomer population continues to age, Residential Assisted Living (RAL) homes offer a viable alternative to large, “box-type” facilities both in terms of cost effectiveness ($50 – $100k/room to buy or build, versus $150-300K/room) and in terms of demand, as more families are made aware of this option.

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